Naseby 12Hour Solo!

I’d done the Naseby 12 hour mountain bike race before in a team of 5 and spent SO much time just hanging out waiting for my time to ride.

So this year we decided the perfect number was 3, one rider and 2 to keep each other company. February 1st registration opened and I was ready and waiting to secure our spot. Team name Bike Chicks, it was the best I could come up with on short notice. I was excited to spend the day with Nicky and Gracie, non competitive…. but obviously we were going to smash it:)

About 2 weeks out from the race Francis the Icebreaker rep said he had a team entry he could hook us up with. Which was totally awesome! Being that I’m super organised I had already paid for my entry and did think at one point I would like to attempt this as a solo rider.  With little encouragement I had opted out of the team and found myself going solo. Yikes!

I was pretty excited at the chance to race SOLO as most of the other events I’d done this season were in a team.  Hoping I could keep myself motivated and in a good head space without having buddies to rely on. Not really knowing what to expect I took on a lot of advice from friends who had done this kinda thing before. My favourite was “don’t skimp on the anti-chaffing cream” – seemed reasonable.

The course winds through the camp.

Race day dawned to blue skies, which was a relief as it was raining the whole day before and I’m not the most confident in the mud. It was a Le Mons start which meant a little run around the camp and up a hill to spread out the riders. I wasn’t really prepared for what was waiting at the top of the hill which can only be described as pure chaos. The side of the track was lined with spectators holding bikes, yelling trying to get their riders attention, I ran along looking frantically for Kristal (camp mom and absolute legend) freaking out that maybe I’d ran past her without noticing. Finally she appeared ahead holding my bike, unfortunately I was on the opposite side of the track, I felt like I was going to get run over as I braved the sea of cyclists to get to her.

I knew the first lap was going to be my slowest, it always takes me a while to warm up and settle in. Also very aware that it was a long day ahead and didn’t need to go crazy straight out of the gate. Getting to know the course on the first couple laps, the muddy conditions sent me flying off my bike a couple times, my favourite being falling into the water race on lap 3, I was thinking you have got to be F-ing kidding me! Laps 4 to 6 felt really good, finally it was all coming together my heart rate had settled to where I wanted it to be, having a great time chatting to other riders, enjoying the beautiful tracks and the amazing day it was turning out to be. Then some nice person kindly reminded me I was only half way through. It was like a switch was flicked and all the little aches and pains came at once.

Kristal preparing race food!

This was my chance to stop, have a proper food break, stretch,  change my clothes and load up on some ibuprofen. Feeling like a new person I hopped back on my bike for Lap 8. The best part of this event was the small chats you had with people as they were passing you or maybe in the off chance I passed someone with my slow and steady pace. Encouraging words from the team riders saying there is no way they could go solo, or bumping into the same people “how’s it going now” “still going which is good”. I did a few laps with Rick who’d helped me leading up to the race by passing on some of his knowledge in going solo, he was extra crazy opting for his single speed as his weapon of choice.


At the end of Lap 9, I was starting to feel a bit tired and thought instead of hammering the last fast section through the trees I’d be a bit more sensible and slow down…… I’m not entirely sure what happened but I ate Sh*t, landing hard on my left side, smacking my

The after effects of my bail(s)! ouch:)

head on the ground, that did not feel nice at all! I spent the first half of Lap 10 telling myself this was the last lap, my goal was 12 but I said I’d be happy with 10, I’m tired and was probably going to kill myself. By the end of Lap 10 I had convinced myself to continue because I had come this far and am way to stubborn (I prefer determined) to give up. When I rolled into camp  I was pretty stoked to see Kristal dressed to ride the last couple laps with me (again she’s a freaking legend). Lights on full we ventured out for 2 more trips around the 11km loop.

12 Laps, 144 km, 11 hrs 35 mins and  7th in my category I couldn’t be more stoked with that!  Would I do it again? you bet. It was such a fun day. Great people on and off the course it was super social, what more could you ask for. I loved the challenge of pushing myself, the unknown of how my body would feel after 12 hours, and the amazing feeling of accomplishment when it was done. I’m not the best mountain biker in the world and yes I fall off my bike frequently but it’s not how you fall it about how quickly you get back up.

Link to Results below:*J*5IMpbnYNW-bmtlIUTZXrhQJK*DQbIQn5M/2016Naseby12hrResults.pdf

The after Shot!